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Make way for the range  Floral Cocktail   !  🌸🌱🌾

One of our favorite harnesses, as its name suggests, a real cocktail of flowers to beautify your dogs. Festive, bucolic, joyful and colorful, your furballs will love it.


The Doggy Angel medal accompanies every collar or harness  🤩🎁
Do not hesitate to ask for its personalization for 10 € more 👇

The Flowery Cocktail

    • Doggy Angel is very attentive to choices  materials, they are  High quality,  tested and approved by many dogs and teachers.
    • Polypropylene nylon straps
    • Polyester or cotton fabrics
    • Brass buckles which resist the weight of 40 kg for sizes XS and S 150 kg for sizes M and L
    • All creations  Doggy  Angel  are  made  by hand and in France.
    • Recall  hand-made:  possibility of being slightly different from the photo, each product is unique!
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